fiscalyear has no dependencies, making it simple and easy to install. There are multiple ways to install the fiscalyear module.


The recommended way to install fiscalyear is with pip.

$ pip install fiscalyear

The fiscalyear module will now appear with your base Python installation.


You can also install fiscalyear with the conda package manager.

$ conda install -c conda-forge fiscalyear


If you work in an HPC environment, the Spack package manager can be used to install fiscalyear as well.

$ spack install py-fiscalyear
$ spack load py-fiscalyear

See the Spack Documentation to get started.


If you want to vendor fiscalyear with your Python package, you can always download the source code. fiscalyear is composed of a single file, making it easy to drag-n-drop to your current directory and import.